I prefer the bus to the tube

The day after a bank holiday Monday and I was running late.
I usually get the bus, it takes longer than the tube but you are usually guaranteed a seat.
And, you usually avoid spending the entirety of the journey with your face in someones armpit (this is common place for girls of a certain height).
However as I was running late, after a few moments of inner turmoil, I decided to brave the tube.
I made it on to the tube and assumed my position, I managed to secure the pole in the center of the carriage. This was prime holdage, so I was silently smug at my incidental victory.
I was revelling in my achievement when an old man, that looked like he might be a politician (or something similar), approached the pole.
Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he too seized the pole.
But, in doing so, he pressed his rather large belly up against my hand.
I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.
He had noticed the contact too and had given me an apologetic glance. But it was too late.
Others had crowded on behind him - we were trapped.
I had two options. I could move my hand down the pole.
But then I was risking contact with something far worse.
Or I could move up. I went for option two.
I could feel his warm breath on my hand which was unnerving but better than feeling something else so I closed my eyes and tried to meditate until the journey was over.

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